Michael Hughes
Author: Michael Hughes
07/24/2014 | by: Michael Hughes | Category: Christian Living

We all get offended. Offensive statements and actions by others are merely the beginning of what we find ourselves being offended by. In a world of endless venues for self, it seems that our potential for being offended is only limited to our imagination and sensitivity. Many of us (including myself) struggle with being offended for various reasons. These reasons may range from the relatively s . | Read More

As the world mourned the loss of Robin Williams, people were left feeling sad and confused. How could someone who appeared so happy actually be so very depressed? His life seemed charmed and surreal. Sadly, it sits in contrast to the chart-blasting music hit “Happy” that is still getting playtime (if nowhere else but my head). The real truth is that the vast majority of us are happ . | Read More