Lead people from all different backgrounds to experience new life in Christ.


We value transparency: Demonstrated by our commitment to being a church that is authentic about our struggles.  We speak openly about the challenges we face, knowing God can and will help us.

We value acceptance and compassion: Demonstrated by our commitment to accept people as they are.  No matter where you have come from or what you have done, there is hope in Jesus.  So we welcome the rich, the poor, the healed, the broken, the strong and the weak to join us.  Our desire is to show them the compassion and love in hopes that they might know Jesus.

We value relationships: Demonstrated by our commitment to investing in relationships both inside and outside the church.

  • Small groups provide a place for people to come together in a small setting, find support, learn more about Jesus, and connect with one another at a deeper level.
  • Community Outreach events are built to reach those in our community who are in both physical and spiritual need.
  • We connect with other local churches because we know that this is a time for unity in the Christian faith.  Together we can make a greater impact.

We value the truth that we were made for more: Demonstrated by our commitment to growing deeper in our faith.  The Christian life is much more than a one-time event, it’s a lifestyle.  We were made for more than a mediocre life.  We were made for a life marked by spiritual growth, obedience, and servant leadership.


Gather (Gather people together on Sunday Mornings and throughout the week)

Develop (Meet people where they are spiritually and help them grow deeper)

Impact (Impact the community around us through both word and deed)